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Mobile Application Development In India

With BlackBerry App World registering 26,000 developers from India, it is quite evident that Indian market has acquired the expertise for developing smart phone applications. According to an independent research, the global app market will be worth $25 by 2015. An expanse in global market calls for an increased number of skilled resources thereby creating an opportunity for the Indian outsourcing industry.

Why should you hire a dedicated mobile application developer from India?

The outsourced application development services industry accommodates the major operating platform such as iPad, iPhone, Windows, Symbian, Blackberry and Android.

India offers as a rich talent pool of application developers with an extensive experience in mobile application development both across the different platforms as well as for the individual platforms.

Major skills to look for while hiring a Mobile Application Developer from India.

Skills of an Android Application Developer:
» The developer should be efficient in Java programming as Java is the backbone of Android application.
» The developer should be proficient in Eclipse IDE so that he is able to speed up the application development.
» The developer should be proficient in SQL for the simple reason that Android’s operating system has a SQLite based system that offers stability to the application.
» The developer should be well versed with XML for resolving XML related issues.


Skills of an iPhone Application Developer:
» The developer should have an expertise in coding and UI development.
» The developer should have an excellent command over Objective C, Xcode.
» The developer should be proficient in working with Cocoa Touch and Apple platform.
» The developer should have a fair knowledge of upcoming application technologies such as Interface Builder, OpenGL ES, Open Al and GSP framework.


Skills of an Windows Mobile Application Developer:
» The developer should be proficient in Platforms and databases such as Pocket PC Phone Edition, Windows Mobile (5.0), Windows Mobile (6.0), Windows CE, .NET Compact Framework, MS SQL SERVER CE.
» The developer should be an expert in using development tools such as MS Embedded Visual Studio (eVC, eVB), MS Visual Studio .NET, Mobile VB (AppForge),ActiveSync.


Skills of a Blackberry Application Developerr:
» The developer should be proficient in BlackBerry Widget SDK, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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