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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The process of evolution is unending and infinite. From a single derivation, there is a potential for greater evolved branch outs. The dynamic market pushed the BPO industry to pave way for its higher version, the Knowledge Process Outsourcing. This in turn branched out into LPO, MPO, and finally into RPO or Resource Process Consulting. Since manpower is an important aspect of any enterprise, irrespective of its size, thereby the process of recruitment becomes one of the most critical functions undertaken during the inception of an organization. Though the intensity of the function mellows down during the later stages of the business, it still essentially remains a domain specific expertise.

Success in recruitment is based on three very critical metrics namely submittal efficiency, interview efficiency and offer efficiency. Though efficiencies vary on the ground of principle of individual differences, based on certain mechanics it is still considered as a yardstick for quality measurement. Understanding of these metrics increases the chances of a success. Recruitment is a process applicable across all industry verticals without any distinction. With cost efficiency, resource optimization and automation becoming the mother of evolution of all kinds of outsourcing, it was almost next to impossible for the recruitment industry to stay unaffected.

Leveraging the Advantage

Apart from the traditional benefits of outsourcing process, RPO offers certain domain specific benefits. Recruitment is a labor intensive and continuous process and therefore calls for alignment with industry requirements. The core competency of recruitment firms lie in understanding the skills sets pertaining to different industry verticals, thereby increasing the probability of bringing on board, the best skills available. As goes the old adage, ‘Time and Tide wait for none’, it is time that decides success or failure. The process of outsourcing the recruitment not only saves time for focusing on core functions but also helps in value adding to the resource pool of an organization within a stipulated time.

Over the period of time, like other industries, recruitment process outsourcing has also undergone dramatic changes thereby adding value to its recruitment mechanisms. As an offshoot of human resource outsourcing, RPO has evolved to become more of a strategic support providing enterprise leaders with better mechanisms to manage talent. The gamut of services include interviews, recruitments, negotiations, placement, online testing & training, screening, reference checks and assessments.

Adopting Newer Competencies

Deloitte in 2011 predicted that the Indian IT/ITES ( IT enabled services) BPO will alone add over 2.25 lakh employees and will clock revenues of USD 71.7 billion. This speaks volume of the potential that is yet to be harnessed with the current global RPO market pitted over $20 billion. ‘Every Cloud has a silver lining’. The current recessionary trends in the major outsourcing destinations like US and UK would help India improvise its solutions basis the parameters of quality, cost, service and speed. A significant portion hiring will happen through LinkedIn, Branch Out and other social networking sites. Diversity based hiring would also feature on the cards as the recruitment firms would make significant strides in helping an organization achieve an equal ratio of males and females.

The emergence of new technologies and platforms like Cloud, Virtualization and Mobile technologies will call for new skill sets thereby making the hiring process more specific. The four major verticals that would dominate the recruitment outsourcing market would be FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, IT and Banking.