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What is the Employee hiring process?

Depending on the scope of the position, typically our screening and hiring process spans across 1-2 weeks post receiving the requirement from the clients.

Our process is pretty simple:

  1. You need to first submit a detailed job and candidate description including experience, qualifications, skill set, schedule and tasks.

  2. Our in-house HR department finds candidate, matches and screens them basis personal interviews, technical exams and required tests.

  3. Based on the results of the interview process, a consolidated candidate list is submitted to you.

  4. You select candidates from that list for your own interview process

  5. Once you are done with the interviews, you either let us know about the candidates you'd like to move forward with or place a request to interview additional candidates from the second round of screening.

Am I responsible for any insurance, law obligations/liabilities or employment tax as a result of hiring an employee with

No. Legally your employee is employed by Subsequently, you have no employment tax, insurance, or labor law obligations/liabilities.

What is Premium service? How is it different from Regular service?

The entire hiring process takes around 1-2 weeks from the time you submit the requirements. In case you are in a rush to find your employee and start sooner, you could subscribe to our Premium service, which would prioritize your case. The turnaround time with Premium service is around 4-6 business days.

How much does Premium service cost? Is it refundable?

The cost of subscribing to our premium service is $100. This charge would be adjusted in your first month's invoice, thus it is not an extra charge. And yes, the amount is fully refundable if we are unable to find a suitable candidate for you.

Do I have the choice to review resumes, test the candidates, and conduct interviews? Do I select the employee that works for me?

Yes. For every vacancy you seek to fill, submits several relevant resumes of experienced candidates. You can then interview and test any candidate to determine if you’d like to hire him /her as an employee. Interviews are conducted over the phone at a mutually agreeable time.

How can I terminate's services?

Either party, or the client can terminate the contract by giving 15 days written notice to the other party. You can submit request for termination as early as 15 days ahead of when you would like the contract to end. The notice period of only 15 days, as opposed to the industry standard of 1 or 2 month notice period, gives the client more flexibility.

Do I need to pay in advance before I start working with my employee?

Yes. If you want to hire an employee, requires receipt for the first month’s invoice before the employee actually starts working.

Why do I pay for the notice period in advance?

This is because enters into a legal employment contract with the employee you hire. Accordingly, is legally liable to provide the employee you hire with a paid notice period. Thus, the fee for the 15 days notice period to terminate our services together with the first month’s invoice is required in advance before the employee starts working.

What do I need to do to have the candidate selected start working for me?

Before the employee could start working for you, the following are required:

  1. Payment of the first month’s invoice.

  2. Payment for the applicable notice period (15days).

  3. Sign the contract.

When will my employee start working for me once I have selected him/her? signs an employment contract with the employee only after you make the payments for the first month, notice period fee and contract. Thus, we highly recommend that there should be no delay in sending across the required documents and payment. Please remember, we cannot guarantee the availability of the employee until we have received the payment and the signed contract. If there is a delay in submitting the payment or the contract, the selected candidate might no longer be available for hire.

What will be the working hours? Can my employee work with me in terms of having same working hours?

The employee you hire can work in the time slot of your choice - Indian office hours, your office hours, or any other shift. However, you need to inform at the very beginning regarding your employee’s preferred working hours.

Will the time slot I choose impact the quality of work?

The quality of the work will not be impacted because of the time slot. But yes, like in any country, people prefer working during the day. Thus, if you are open to your employee working in the day slot, you will have a bigger pool of resources to choose from.

How do I work with my employee?

You work with your remote employee as you would with any of your in-house or resident employee. We will provide your employee with all the requisite hardware and infrastructure they require to work for you remotely from India. How you wish to utilize that hardware is completely your choice.

How do I communicate with my employee?

You choose how you want to communicate with your employee. can provide your employee with a local telephone number for your area. You can also utilize other tools such as email, instant messengers (yahoo, gmail, msn), video conferencing, Skype etc.

How do I know if my employee is able to do the job or is working?

Performance speaks for itself. If your hired employee is meeting your set goals and is producing results, it’s clear that the employee is doing his/her job. Also, you could put checks and balances to monitor your employee’s performance. In addition to that, our floor managers ensure that your employee is working at all times. You could also monitor your employee via web cams, remote login software, phone, and instant messenger.

Are there any options available to protect my confidential data/information?

There are many methods that can be implemented to protect your confidential information. We can work with you to store your data locally on your own servers or we can store the data in-house. All data will be protected so that it is saved on a separate work server rather than on the employee’s personal computer. We can also ensure that the employee will not have the ability to send or save data through email or on other data devices such as USB drives or CD ROMS.

If you are concerned about the security of your data, please contact, and will then discuss and plan with you the best method to implement.

Can there be a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) between my employee and

Yes. It is a mandate for all the employees to sign NDA. A copy of the same is available upon request. In case you want us to sign your NDA, please let us know. Arrangements could be made for the same.

Can I hire an employee on a part-time basis?

Yes. You can hire an employee to work four hours a day or longer.

Who has the intellectual property and ownership of work rights?

All work done by the employee for the client on our premises is client’s property. The same has been specified in the contract.

How many hours/days does my employee work?

Normal business work hours are eight hours a day, from Monday to Friday, throughout the month. This does not include any time taken for breaks or for meals. However, if you require your employee to work less than eight hours and/or over the weekend, can work with the employee to arrange it.

What is the process of selecting the candidate/employee? submits to you resumes of several candidates it feels are suitable for the position you seek to fill. You then select from the resumes any candidates you would like to test/interview/hire. Depending on the position, the time period can be less or more than 1–2 weeks. For certain positions like software programming or back-office positions, resumes are generally submitted quicker.

How does ensure that the right person is hired for the position?

The dual screening process at ensures a high success rate. Our experienced HR professionals go through a rigorous initial screening process that matches the most qualified candidates to your position. You’ll then be provided with a screened list of potential candidates. You can interview them and move forward only if you feel that the candidate truly meets your needs.

What do I do if my employee or I have a problem?

In case of any issue simply get in touch with your dedicated relationship manager at via e-mail ( or phone (001+ 818 826 2303/ 44+ 122 365 5380). managers are present 24 hours a day to resolve any of your problems.

Are there any start-up costs, hidden charges or any other charges besides the monthly fee?

No. There are no hidden charges. The price quoted with each submitted resume is the full and complete cost for the entire service that includes office space, recruitment, HR, employee salary, management, hardware, and infrastructure. The only exception is if your employee requires software or hardware that we do not provide and is costly to acquire.

Can I come to India to interview, or visit and/or train my employee?

Yes. The office is your office extension in India. You are welcome to visit your employee at any point of time.

Can I come to India to interview candidates?


What if the employee I hired is not working out for me or I am not satisfied?

Our screening process is flexible enough to accommodate minor changes depending upon the scope of the project. We understand that in business, there will always be a performance issue and therefore, we are always open to discuss and find a solution mutually. Typically, if the performance of a resource is not satisfactory then we endeavour to find a replacement for you. In another situation where a hired resources has delivered a decent performance but has been unable to scale it up, then we will charge you for the number of days the resource has worked and, will refund the remaining amount.

We would request you inform of any such dissatisfaction within the span of a week so that we can take appropriate steps. In situations where you have not expressed your dissatisfaction and the resource has delivered considerable amount of work, we will not be responsible. Herein, you are requested to mail us an appropriate notice clearly mentioning the termination of our services.

Can I offer any incentives/bonuses to my employee?

Yes. Any incentives you offer will be completely passed on to your employee. All incentives will be paid to your employee via only.

Can I bring the employee I hire to my country for training or on a work visa for long term?

Yes. Please request to speak to a manager if you would like to bring your employee on-shore.

What are the leaves and holiday policy?

Your employee is entitled to 8 paid holidays throughout a year. In addition, after the first month of employment, your employee accumulates one day of paid leave per month. Hence, in one year your employee is entitled to 19 days of paid days off work. Any other days off work are unpaid leaves, for which you will not be charged.

If I hire more than one employee can they sit together?


If I hire more than one employee/several employees, can I have a discount?


If my employee takes a day off work or is sick can you provide a replacement?

No. provides you with a long-term dedicated employee. You work with the same employee every day. You do not work with a variety of employees. Hence, it is not possible to cover the odd absence by an employee. If, however, your employee requires a substantial time off work, can replace the employee.

What hardware is provided to the employee?

Your employee will be provided with a new Desktop. In addition, your employee will have access to all other computer peripherals such as printer, high- resolution scanner, fax, headsets, web cams, etc…

I require my employee to be equipped with additional hardware/software to that already provided. Is this possible?

Yes. Please speak with one of our managers to check if your additional requirements can be met free of any additional charge.

What are the modes of payment?

Paypal, Google Checkout, Wire Transfer.

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