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Holi Celebration – 2014

Holi is a festival of colors and we at Global Employees make sure that those colors are evenly spattered in our lives with a sprinkle of joy and glee. Holi was celebrated with ardor and zest on 15th at our office in Galleria Tower. Our Employees made sure to have a small but memorable event with colors and sweets. A few fun games and competition were designed which each employee relished.

There were a few fun events to enliven the environment. It started with a best dressed competition, followed by Rangoli making which had 3 teams. There was also a 1-minute task and whatsapp quiz. A game is incomplete without announcing the winners, a few fortunate ones were announced as winners but nevertheless the sprits were high amongst all. Last but not the least Holi spirit was perfected with serving of “Gujia” the special delicacy of this festival.

It was a day soaked and soused in colors of joy because Holi is all about fun and frolic and we at Global Employees believe in enjoying those finer pleasures amidst our professional functions.

2013 May – Team Lunch

Well team lunches are always welcome. The GE team not only works hard but parties harder as well. It was a Friday and the team decided to go out and celebrate the on coming weekend. After much deliberation, we went to a nearby Pizza Hut for a Pizza party. Thank God it was a Friday and we had an amazing time with friends at work. It was the food, the ambiance and people that created the magic on sultry Friday afternoon.

2013 May – Friday-Fun Drive- South India Fiesta 

It was one of those loaded days when all of us craved for a sudden break. After grappling with many ideas, it was the thought of food and only food that gave us some solace. This time there was no flipping through the take away menus that we had with us and straight away headed to the nearby South Indian food joint. Even the sweltering heat of May could not deter us from stepping out in the heat. Such is the glory of food! No wonder food has continued to inspire every one since ages. Our plates were laden with savory and spicy South Indian eats. Not only did the table look colorful but also the smile on everyone’s faces was simply priceless!

The pleasure of having a sudden spicy meal in midst of our tight deadline proved to be a whiff of fresh air.  We not only ate to our hearts content but also had an amazing time even if it was for a short while. Though post lunch work felt somewhat like a graveyard shift, it was a sense of joy in our hearts that propelled us to deliver our work within the stipulated deadlines.

2012 – Diwali Celebration

We, at GlobalEmployees, always make it a point to celebrate Indian festivals. The very thought of celebrating Diwali in our office set everyone bubbling with interesting ideas. After a whirlwind session on celebration plan, we decided to keep a traditional dress code coupled with a small puja ceremony followed by lunch. The atmosphere was electrifying and each of us pooled in our energies in decorating the work place in the most delightful way. Truly, it felt like one big GE family.

Celebrating festivals together, we believe, is one of the best ways of connecting to one another.  There was   great sense of ownership when it came to co-coordinating for the event. The entire GE team was in their traditional attire and every bit of our office represented the spirit of the festival. After the office decoration and the Puja ceremony, we had a heart Italian lunch. It was day well spent and enjoyed off course! That day, it was not just about work but was all the camaraderie that extended beyond our professional roles and responsibilities.

2012 July – Movie-Lunch

First project is always special. So, once we got our first project up and running, it was time to celebrate. Our first outing together as a team was one of great fun. The team along with the captain, Raman, went for an entertaining Bollywood flick followed by lunch. It was an opportunity for all of us to interact freely beyond the office space and get to know each other. The entire intent was to help the team mates break the ice and start on a new journey of professional and personal camaraderie.

It was an out an out fun day as we spoke our hearts out about the work we were doing and our visions for the company. It was an interesting session where everyone opened up and it seemed like all of us were on the same when it came to the thoughts about our budding new workplace. As the year rolled by, we had our share of celebrations, outings and parties but none of us will ever forget our first outing as the team GE.


We always look forward to birthday celebrations. We are happy that in a year, there is no month that goes without a cake cutting ceremony in our work place. Birthdays are undoubtedly fun times and at GlobalEmployees, we make sure that the birthday boy or girl feels on the top of world (in spite of the deadlines, that’s what the magic we create this place).



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