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CakePHP is a rapid development framework for PHP. It is a free and an open-source framework that extends developers a structured environment to create amazing web based applications. The framework is a MVC or Modular-View-Controller prototype that is built to minimize the effort involved in PHP development. Due to the simplicity implicated in CakePHP development, there is a surging demand to hire CakePHP developers with requisite experience and expertise.

Benefits of CakePHP

There is more than one reason why developers prefer using CakePHP. To begin with, CakePHP reduces substantial amount of development and coding time. Other benefit of CakePHP is stated as below.

  • It is compatible with PHP4 & PHP5
  • It has a MCV architecture
  • It has a highly flexible and scalable template
  • It has an extremely friendly licensing procedure
  • It has a tool for built-in validation
  • It allows seamless application scaffolding
  • It does not require configuration and is absolutely devoid of intricate XML & YAML files
  • It has CSRF protection
  • It is a highly secured and structured framework to work upon
  • It is backed by an active community of developers therefore, the endeavor of making the framework better never ceases

Skill Sets of a CakePHP Developer

To identify the requisite expertise that a CakePHP developer must have may be a challenging task. Therefore, to help potential employers hire the best CakePHP developers, some important skills of a CakePHP developer that a recruitment firm has to seek are:

  • Should have a Bachelors/Masters degree in computer science
  • Should have the experience of working on cross-browser optimization
  • Should be well versed with varied kinds of project management tools namely MySQL and SQL
  • Should have working knowledge of PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML, AJAX & XHTML
  • Should be able to communicate well
  • Should be able to work independently as well in a team
  • Should be self-driven and diligent

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