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HTML5 is the fifth revision of the HTML standard. It is a markup language to structure and present content on the web. This new version of HTML has the innate ability to improve the language as well as extend support to the latest multimedia offerings consistently understood by varied computer devices, web browsers etc. HTML5 encompasses HTML4, XHTML, HTML and DOM level 2. It is a robust technology facilitating the creation of video or audio backups without any plug-ins.

The Increasing Need to Hire HTML 5 Developers Results from Certain Features Exclusively Possessed By It. Some of these are:

  • Integrated with the new syntactical features like Canvas, Video, and Audio, HTML5 enables the creation of complex graphics and animations within no time at all.
  • Adobe Edge, the celebrated HTML5 animation tool, facilitates the creation of rich multimedia for browsing internet
  • Yet again, the “Built in feature” of HTML5 allows playing of audio and video backups without the plug-ins.
  • Enables seamless functionality of Drag and drop feature
  • HTML 5 assists in creation of highly intuitive navigational map using the JavaScript API technology.
  • To effectively implement the varied robust features of HTML5, it is imperative to hire HTML5 developer with requisite skills and in depth knowledge of the previous versions of HTML.

How to Hire HTML5 Developer with Globalemployees?

  • To hire an HTML5 developer at Globalemployees.com, it is imperative to state your requirement as well as the profile of the candidate inclusive of qualification, number of years of experience etc.
  • Then, our HR department finds suitable HTML5 developer and pre-screens them.
  • Based on the results of the pre-screening process, a list of suitable HTML5 developer is submitted to you
  • You select candidates from that list and interview them subsequently.
  • Once you are through with the interviews, you select the candidate you’d like to move forward with or let us know if you want more options.

Benefits of Hiring HTML5 Developer Using the Services of Globalemployees.com

HTML5 developers must have the skills and expertise as well as the knack to determine the need to the client which is always project or target specific. Hiring a dedicated HTML5 developer through Globalemployees.com will help you save up to 60% of the cost spent on per employee without having to compromise on the quality of work.

How will Your Dedicated HTML5 Developer Work from India?

  • Your dedicated HTML5 developer can work parallel in accordance to the working hours as yours.
  • You possess the freedom to assign work and monitor/supervise work directly.
  • Your dedicated HTML5 developer will work from our office, wherein they can be monitored and supervised by a manager and HR executive. They will ensure that the developers are working efficiently and from a professional office environment.

Globalemployees.com is one stop destination which allows its overseas partners to hire the best resource anytime, anywhere. To hire HTML5 developer with optimum experience and talent, contact us today.

Global Employees have always provided us with quality candidates. We have had great successes filling positions that when kept in the office were high-turnover. The quick learning of their associates along with their continued tenure and longevity have saved us countless hours in continued training and recruiting costs and efforts.


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Internet Brands, USA

The team at GlobalEmployees is a joy to work with. They deliver quality work, and have no hesitation to go the extra mile. I was skeptical when I started but now I have a team of 7. It’s been a smooth sailing.


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UOL, Brazil

If you are looking for reliable and affordable web design and development work, GlobalEmployees is the answer. Guaranteed work! I started off with a part-time PHP developer. Now, I have a team of 5 employees working for me.


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