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Hire Java Developer/Programmer from India for as low as $990 per month

November 9, 2015

To save up to 60% of development costs have you considered the option to hire Java developer from India? Hire Java developer from India and enjoy benefits such as cost effectiveness and opportunity to get the most talented web developers on your pay roll. Java is an optimal technology for network computing. It is a simple, user friendly programming, which is used by a skilled Java Developer to create completely new and innovative applications. As a programming language, Java enables developers to perform wide range of applications which may be summarized as below:

  • Enables creation of robust and capable applications for mobile phones, remote processors or any device with a digital origin.
  • Helps in writing programs that functions within a Web browser & Web services.
  • Java allows creation of software on one platform & it virtually on the other
  • Java technology is also used in developing server side application meant for online forums, e-commerce, pools, HTML pages etc.
  • The scalability factor of Java languages allows creation of customized application and services.

Skill Sets of a dedicated Java Developer:

  • Experience in Java Programming
  • Database design and Dynamic website development
  • Knack to create out of the box concepts, project design and Development
  • Exposure to Dynamic Website portfolio particularly ASP projects can also be beneficial.
  • Exposure to e-commerce application can be an add on to the skills

Benefits to Hire Java Developer from India

To hire Java developer with experience and skills, he/she may be outsourced from India. The cost as well as the quality of delivery from a Java developer from India is par excellence. If you are considering hiringa Java developerfrom India, then Globalemployees.com is the right place to be. Our offering can help you save a substantial per employee in addition to the following overheads:

  • Office space
  • Hardware
  • Commonly Available software
  • Infrastructure
  • Technical support
  • Employment Tax, Labour law and Insurance

How to hire a Java Developer with Globalemployees

  • To hire Java developer at Globalemployees.com, it is imperative to state your requirement as well as the profile of the candidate inclusive of qualification, number of years of experience etc.
  • Then, our HR department finds suitable Java developers and pre-screens them.
  • Based on the results of the pre-screening process, a list of suitable Java developers is submitted to you
  • You select candidates from that list and interview them subsequently.
  • Once you are through with the interviews, you select the candidate you’d like to move forward with or let us know if you want more options.

How will your dedicated Java Developer deliver work from Offshore location in India?

  • Your Java developer can work parallel in accordance to the working hours as yours.
  • You posses the freedom to assign work and monitor/supervise work directly.
  • Your Java developer will work from our office, wherein they can be monitored and supervised by a manager and HR executive. They will ensure that the developers are working efficiently and from a professional office environment.

Global Employees have always provided us with quality candidates. We have had great successes filling positions that when kept in the office were high-turnover. The quick learning of their associates along with their continued tenure and longevity have saved us countless hours in continued training and recruiting costs and efforts.


Tim F
Internet Brands, USA

The team at GlobalEmployees is a joy to work with. They deliver quality work, and have no hesitation to go the extra mile. I was skeptical when I started but now I have a team of 7. It’s been a smooth sailing.


Cezar Z
UOL, Brazil

If you are looking for reliable and affordable web design and development work, GlobalEmployees is the answer. Guaranteed work! I started off with a part-time PHP developer. Now, I have a team of 5 employees working for me.


Christopher D
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