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One of the most exquisite, rich E-commerce software platforms Magento is an open-source technology that has revolutionized the way in which e-commerce solution is envisioned. Competition in an ever growing e-commerce industry is fierce and relentless. Magento attributes robust, scalable and rich features to website giving it an edge of performance which is marked with complete control of content and user satisfaction. Hire Magneto Developer today to give you e-commerce business the following benefits which the Magento technology is synonymous with:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Optimization of Website
  • Efficient Catalogue Management Tool
  • Multiple Themes Development
  • Marketing and Promotional Tool
  • Increased Customer Interaction
  • Complete Analysis of Website
  • Complete Control over the CMS

Magento gives complete e-commerce solution which encompass the following :

  • Site Management
  • Catalogue Management
  • Catalogue Browsing
  • Product Browsing
  • Customer Account
  • Secured Payment Gateway
  • Customer Account
  • Shipping/Checkout
  • Order Management

There are numerous options to hire Magento Developer. Owing to the popularity of the software platform it is backed by a number of talented communities of developer. The most potent and cost effective option to hire Magnento developer, who are the most competent in the global industry is by exploring the option of outsourcing. Outsource dedicated Magento developer from India and save up 60% of real time cost.

Benefits of hiring Magento Developer from India

1. The biggest advantage of hiring Magento Developer from India is that cost you spend on the resource as part of their salary; welfare is very nearly 50% less, if compared to the resource working onshore.

2. Magento Developer from India are experienced to deliver the following skill sets :

  • Customization
  • Custom Themes Development
  • Plug-in Development
  • CMS Development
  • Website Maintenance
  • Templates Design and Development

3. Magento Developers in India are well versed with the English language, thus explaining the theme of project requirement is quite simple.

4. The IT infrastructure in India is quite advanced enabling client to interact with their Magento developer by adopting one or more the following methods:

  • Email
  • Instant Messaging
  • Skype
  • Video Conferencing

How can Globalemployees.com help you hire Magento Developer with desired experience and competence?

1. Globalemployees.com is a one stop shop to take care of your entire outsourcing needs.
2. We take care of all the paraphernalia that comes in the way of efficient hiring and scenarios post that which may be summarized in the following points :

  • Finding competent resource
  • Infrastructure layout
  • Availability of software/hardware
  • Labour/Employment laws
  • Holidays
  • Appraisal

3. Once the hiring is finalized it is the responsibility of our Executive to supervise the working of the offshore resource.
4. While our in house executive ensures that Client’s offshore is adhering to the requirement of the project, the client himself/herself can monitor work as per their convenience and requirement.

How to get started with Globalemployees.com?

Just follow the simple 5 step rule and in order to hire Magento Developer from India

Requirement: Experience, Qualification, Skill sets, Domain Expertise, Shift Timings, No of resources required, Job duties & responsibilities that the client is seeking in his/her potential resource.

Prescreening: In compliance to your requirement our HR executive will prescreen suitable candidates.

Interview: Post prescreening stage the candidate will be called for round one interview, and if need me a technical round may be arranged on request of the client.

Review: In this stage the resume of potentially suitable candidate is submitted for review to the client and round two of interview, of which the client can also be a part of.

Selection : In the final stage the client can request for more options or selects the most suitable candidate, post which the resource begins work from the offshore location, which is the Globalemployees.com office in India.

Global Employees have always provided us with quality candidates. We have had great successes filling positions that when kept in the office were high-turnover. The quick learning of their associates along with their continued tenure and longevity have saved us countless hours in continued training and recruiting costs and efforts.


Tim F
Internet Brands, USA

The team at GlobalEmployees is a joy to work with. They deliver quality work, and have no hesitation to go the extra mile. I was skeptical when I started but now I have a team of 7. It’s been a smooth sailing.


Cezar Z
UOL, Brazil

If you are looking for reliable and affordable web design and development work, GlobalEmployees is the answer. Guaranteed work! I started off with a part-time PHP developer. Now, I have a team of 5 employees working for me.


Christopher D
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