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It’s no secret that the way of the world is turning more towards technology each and every day. Entire businesses are being built and nurtured through online platforms, so it’s more important than ever for companies to have a strong online presence. Smartphones have become an absolute necessity in our daily lives, so it is essential for a company to develop mobile-friendly applications and web programs in order to attract and retain customers.


The Windows Phone has been one of the many trailblazers in the dynamic world of smartphone technology. It is known for its sleek design and stunning displays, as well as its personalization features and ability to connect easily to all other Windows devices. Windows Phone users have direct access to widely popular platforms such as Skype, Office, and Bing. These features make it all the more necessary to develop applications for the phone that will help your business shine through the unique features provided by these Windows applications. Windows phone application development is becoming a major player in the emerging field of smartphone applications. To create alluring applications for this phone, it is necessary to hire well-trained Windows Phone developers.


When you hire windows phone developers through Global Employees, you’ll receive many benefits at unbelievably reasonable rates. You’ll work with an employee who can:

-build technologically sound and aesthetically appealing Windows Store apps for your business

-load and test your new applications before installing them

-use pre-existing knowledge of modern web trends and applications to enhance your application’s efficiency

-upgrade your apps and perform maintenance on them when necessary


Your Windows Phone developer can also offer insight into how you can make your general website more user-friendly for your customers who are accessing it from their Windows device. A professional developer will equip you with the innovative tools and insight you need to make your online presence as strong as it can be.



There are many reasons why outsourcing your Windows Phone developer from India is a better option than hiring locally, but here are a select few:


1) When you hire a Windows Phone developer from India, you’ll spend nearly 50%-60% less than you would by hiring locally.

2) Windows Phone developers from India have been specially trained to adapt to specific company requirements to aid in the creation of applications. Windows Phone 8 developers are equipped with the latest and greatest knowledge to keep your application effective and up-to-date.

3) Windows Phone application development is a very detail-oriented task. For this reason, it is necessary for your developer to be able to communicate well, and when you hire a Windows Phone developer through Global Employees, you can be sure that your employee will have a proficient grasp of the English language and strong communication skills.

4) India has a strong IT infrastructure, which enables you to communicate with your offshore employee in a variety of ways, such as email, instant message, text message, and video conferencing.

5) Global Employees will connect you with a Windows Phone developer from India who is equipped with an abundance of knowledge experience to ensure that you’re receiving high-quality, reliable work.

Global Employees will work with you through the entire hiring process from start to finish. We’ll make sure you find an employee that fits well with your company requirements and listens to your needs. Best of all, they’ll work on your schedule and be supervised by an executive in our office. We also acquire all the resources your employee will need, such as infrastructure, development equipment, technology, office space, appraisals, and holidays.




  • Your Windows Phone Developer can work parallel in accordance to the working hours as yours.
  • You posses the freedom to assign work and monitor/supervise work directly.
  • Your Windows Phone Developer will work from our office, wherein they can be monitored and supervised by a manager and HR executive. They will ensure that the developers are working efficiently and from a professional office environment.


The overall process to hire your candidate usually takes 1-2 weeks from the time you convey the requirements. We have tailored our processes to ensure that you remain in complete control of your new employee.


Global Employees have always provided us with quality candidates. We have had great successes filling positions that when kept in the office were high-turnover. The quick learning of their associates along with their continued tenure and longevity have saved us countless hours in continued training and recruiting costs and efforts.


Tim F
Internet Brands, USA

The team at GlobalEmployees is a joy to work with. They deliver quality work, and have no hesitation to go the extra mile. I was skeptical when I started but now I have a team of 7. It’s been a smooth sailing.


Cezar Z
UOL, Brazil

If you are looking for reliable and affordable web design and development work, GlobalEmployees is the answer. Guaranteed work! I started off with a part-time PHP developer. Now, I have a team of 5 employees working for me.


Christopher D
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