Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

2013 – Contributing to the Uttarakhand Relief Activities

Contributing to the society has always been the priority of GlobalEmployees and therefore,we did not want to miss the opportunity to support the ongoing relief activities at Uttarakhand. Since directly reaching out to the affected people was a huge constraint, we decided to connect to a recognized NGO that was extensively working for the cause. After some research, we figured out that ‘Goonj’, an NGO was doing extensive work at national level. We immediately connected to the project coordinator to jumpstart with the process. We wanted to make suitable donations in kind so that the people can actually use it.

After talking to the concerned person, the team figured a list of items that would be useful to the flood affected people. It included bags of rice, cooking oil, sugar, salt, biscuits, flour, buckets, blankets, and antiseptic lotion. The whole team worked tirelessly in procuring the materials and then finalizing the entire logistics for delivering the stuff to the main collection center in Delhi. The entire team visited the center and made sure the entire event was worth their effort. This was one of the small attempts to give back to the society as responsible citizens. This activity had manifold impacts. First, it gave the team a sense of pride that they have been a part of this noble activity and secondly, it boosted the team to deliver quality work so that the profit percentage increases and more such contributions can be made to the society.

2012 – Suparaana Ka Aangan

Here at Global Employees, we believe in finding any way we possibly can to give back to our local community. While some companies wait until they’ve enjoyed huge success before they start engaging with their local community, we, collectively, decided that we wanted to start making an impact right away; after we’d bagged our very first project, in fact.
Rather than spending weeks pouring over the creation of a corporate social responsibility policy that is packaged in red tape, we simply took it upon ourselves to search for the most deserving causes in our local community; causes that could really benefit from our assistance.
Our small, but energetic, team made contact with a local orphanage, Suparaana Ka Aangan. After talking to the orphanage’s Director, Mrs. Suparaana Sethi, we were blown away by the work that was being done there, with the orphanage’s staff working tirelessly with the 71 young children who called the orphanage home to teach them to become independent, educated and responsible individuals.

The orphanage’s team made it clear to us that while the children in their care were making great strides, one of the things the children lacked, to help instil a feeling of pride in them, were school uniforms. Without wasting a moment, the Global Employees team got to work and acquired a set of new, customised uniforms for the children.

In our eyes, what we were able to do for the orphanage’s children was merely a token gesture, but to see what our small gift meant to those children was a truly life changing experience that will stay with us forever; it really helped our team to gain a little perspective and appreciate the value of those things that we often take for granted.

Assisting the children and staff at the Suparaana Ka Aangan orphanage was just the start for us, but it was an important step in the right direction and created some real momentum. Our team thoroughly enjoyed meeting and getting to know the children and the experience really invigorated the Global Employees team to continue to try and find new ways to make a difference in our local community.


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