Our Testimonials:

Tim F
Internet Brands, USA
Global Employees have always provided us with quality candidates. We have had great successes filling positions that when kept in the office were high-turnover. The quick learning of their associates along with their continued tenure and longevity have saved us countless hours in continued training and recruiting costs and efforts.
Jason T
Ergomotion, USA
We are extremely happy with our frank, open, and honest relationship with GlobalEmployees. GlobalEmployees’ solution and delivery capabilities not only improved the quality, but also reduced the cost of implementation. Glad I found GlobalEmployees, saved thousands of dollars.
Alison R
Horse Quest, UK
It has been a pleasure working with GlobalEmployees. They are very knowledgeable, accessible, and courteous. They take time to listen and offer solutions. Updates are given on a regular basis and project was delivered on time. Couldn't have asked for a better experience.
Rob S
Cloudwest, CA
Great company, they are quite efficient and they offer updates as well allow you to review the work as it completed. I would definitely refer GlobalEmployees to anyone seeking offshore employees for their business. This model works great.
Cezar Z
UOL, Brazil
The team at GlobalEmployees is a joy to work with. They deliver quality work, and have no hesitation to go the extra mile. I was skeptical when I started but now I have a team of 7. It’s been a smooth sailing.
Christopher D
If you are looking for reliable and affordable web design and development work, GlobalEmployees is the answer. Guaranteed work! I started off with a part-time PHP developer. Now, I have a team of 5 employees working for me.

What We Offer

Dedicated skilled professionals, at substantially lower cost, who work virtually from our office in India but report directly to you. Some of the jobs that can be outsourced with us are: Software Developer, SEO, Data Entry, Content Writing, Bookkeeping, Website Designing, Call Center, Payroll, Accounts, Law, and much more!!

Why Us

We believe that outsourcing is a collaboration that fuses our strengths with our client’s in‐depth understanding to produce results that sing. GlobalEmployees.com strongly believes in professionalism and complete customer satisfaction


Besides the obvious cost benefits, there are plenty of other benefits like no tax, insurance or law obligations. With us you receive all the benefits provided by outsourcing without having to worry about the infrastructure costs, operations costs, HR costs, etc.
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