Different Kinds of Websites


The Internet evolved so much within the recent years that it’s flooded by the continual development of websites. Whatever website you choose to create, make sure to hire a web designer.

Corporate Websites

They’re additionally referred to as business websites that offer details to users on the company, and provide their contact numbers, instead of transacting business or any additional services. They’re helpful for businesses planning to use the site as a tool for marketing.

Personal Websites

They’re owned by individuals, with a personal profile featured upon it, and things they’re interested in. Those sites have a restricted scope, and it does not take too much money to put one of them online.

Flash Websites

They’re one of the most popular options, as they permit you to view videos to explain their offered products. They feature advanced graphics, and include an excellent method of marketing, as individuals relate quicker to live streaming videos than text based adverts.

E-commerce Websites

They’re mostly transactional ones that permit you to shop from home. For most consumers, they’re similar to a store online, and for businessmen, they’re an excellent method of doing business without needing a pricey outlet.

Social Networking and Media Websites

They’re the top visited sites, as they’re purely created for catching up with friends, socializing etc. Few of those sites involve networking for both personal and business use.

Photo-sharing Websites

They’ll enable individuals to upload/share their photographs, and generally are free to use in order for many individuals to share their incredible moments with their relatives, friends, etc.

Mobile Device Websites

There will include specific sites which have been developed, by bearing in mind mobile phones, as checking a 3-D phone upon a 2-D platform isn’t so interesting. They’ll possess a 3-D interface, by which you’re able to check your mobile's 3-D view, as you’d have done within a store.


They’ll offer users necessary details on a certain organization's products. However, unlike E-commerce sites, they do not have a system to instantly buy things. They’ll guide you to the most recent company retail outlet.


Blog includes a short form for web logs. It’s very popular as it’ll provide an individual direct communication with readers, thought sharing, reader’s feedback, etc. Blogging has now become one marketing strategy for most businesses, and most businessmen, actors, and sportspersons, are using it to connect to their audiences.

News Websites

These days, every magazine or newspaper features its own edition online. These sites permit users worldwide to access the most recent news.

Government Websites

All of the government branches possess their own sites so that data may be provided to the public on a consistent basis. They’ll have the suffix .gov at the end.

Content Websites

They’re some of the most helpful ones on the Wed, as you have a desire to boost your knowledge on various things. Also, they assist you in getting information about diverse topics. Whatever website you choose to create, make sure to hire a web designer.