Flash Application Market in India


In the age of dynamic and interactive web, Flash is an indispensible aspect of web development. The greatest advantage of Flash lies in its ability to collaborate with other macromedia products for a rich user experience. With websites becoming a powerful tool for marketing, it has become imperative for organizations to implement technologies that not only attract the potential target but also retains it.

Benefits of using Flash

  • Flash offers browser compatibility.

  • Flash can be used to replace text elements on html pages.

  • Flash supports animation, audio and video file formats, and bitmaps.

  • Flash applications like server scripts can pick up data, online games, charts, feedback forms, slide show.

  • Flash has a smart interface. The programmers leverage the advantage of ActionScript language for creating visually appealing websites.

  • Flash animations can be resized without impacting the picture quality as it is based on vector graphics.

  • Flash supports smart phone applications. The Flash platform development tool enables developers to package their applications for iPhone.

Why should you hire a dedicated Flash Developer from India?

The flash developers from India have a rich experience in Flash Web Development services and solutions. These include Websites Development, Multimedia presentation, Template Development, Custom Flash Development, Game Development, Desktop Application Development, Mobile Application Development, XML integration, Banner/logo, Animation.

Hiring flash developers from India not only drives in cost efficiency but also drives in round the clock support because of the time difference. The flash developers from India help you meet all the functionalities under one roof.

Major skills to look for while hiring a Flash Developer from India

  • The flash developer should be able to think out of box.

  • The flash developer should be an expert in Flex, Adobe AIR, Action Script, HTML.

  • The flash developer should have the flexibility to design customized solutions.