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Hire Your Dedicated Laravel Developer for as low as $1290/month

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Why hire Laravel Developer from global employees?

GlobalEmployees prides itself on providing clients with highly skilled developers who give you:

A developer dedicated to your work. 1 Employee 1 Project policy.

No headaches about infrastructure, labor/employment laws, HR costs, etc.

An employee that you choose, not one that’s dumped on you.

Since you are the one driving your work you get a customized development for your specified guidelines.

The best programming language of today is PHP Laravel Framework. This web framework was created by Taylor Otwell to provide an advanced alternative to the Codelgniter framework. Laravel was primarily meant to help in the development of web applications by following the architectural pattern of MVC, that is, model-view-controller to ease the development of web applications. Based on Symfony, this open-source web network is free. The aim of Laravel is to facilitate the app development process for the Laravel developer without compromising on the functionality of the application. Laravel technology is used for the custom development of software. A Laravel developer refers to an IT professional who specializes in the use of Laravel Framework to develop web applications.

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There are several factors due to which PHP Laravel Framework is considered one of the best programming languages for the development of web applications. Some of these factors include:

  • In-built Templates for Multiple Layouts- The in-built templates enable the user to create multiple layouts by using dynamic content seeding. The templates are designed in a way to create layouts that are minimalistic with distinct division of sections.

  • Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript Widgets- This framework also contains several widgets that incorporate the Cascading Style Sheets or CSS and JavaScript or JS code.

  • Simple Application Programming Interface- Laravel's Application Programming Interface or API is simple and it is possible to send notifications across various channels such as SMS and Slack. The users are notified of all the activities they perform.

  • Built-in Artisan Tool- Laravel contains Artisan, a built-in tool for command line. This tool enables the user to effectively and efficiently perform several tasks that he would otherwise manually perform. The built-in tool also facilities the management of the database system. With the use of Artisan developers can also create commands of their own for innovative uses.

  • Object Oriented Libraries- The pre-installed Object Oriented Libraries are one of the best features of Laravel that are not found in other popular PHP Frameworks. Among several others, the Authentication library has some authentic features such as Bcrypt hashing, CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection, and encryption, password reset facility and so on.

  • Eloquent Object-Relation Mapping- Laravel framework also provides the Eloquent ORM (object-relational mapping). This enables the developers to use PHP syntax to issue queries related to database. This method is considered highly efficient compared to other PHP frameworks.

  • Modular View Controller Architecture Support- Laravel also has Modular View Controller or MVC architecture support which enables the developer to have a clear logic and proper presentation of the work. It also facilitates documentation, thus improving the overall performance of the application.

  • Smooth Functioning of Web Applications- Laravel enables the developer to run several tests that ensure the smooth functioning of a web application when new changes and modifications are made.

  • Migration System for Databases- The migration system of Laravel for datables helps in increasing the structure of the databases without the need to recreate them. This ensures the safety and security of data. Additionally, Laravel Schema Builder can be used to create tables for databases as well as to insert columns and indices within the database.

  • Built-in Authorization System- Laravel also provides application security. It has an in-built system of authorization and authentication. A secure application is highly in demand and Laravel ensures that the applications are authenticated and are secure for the users. Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm that Laravel uses generates password in encrypted form.

  • Caching Facility for Quick Data Retrieval- It provides caching facility to store data temporarily for quick retrieval. Memcached and Redis are tools within Laravel that enhance the performance of applications.

  • User-Friendliness- It is extremely user-friendly and has a high client satisfaction ratio.

A Laravel developer has several roles and responsibilities. Some of these include:

  • Developing advanced and innovative web-based applications using PHP programming language.

  • Performing both front end and back end functions. A Laravel developer must collaborate with front end developers regarding the back end requirements of the project.

  • Writing modular codes that are secure, clean and easily maintainable.

  • Ensuring that the applications are created using standard tools of development.

  • Ensuring the validity and functionality of HTML, CSS and shared JavaScript across all the applications.

  • Aiding in the creation of web applications from start to finish.

  • Contributing to the data services API.

  • Working with the User Experience team to ensure maximum user satisfaction.

  • Troubleshooting and debugging applications.

  • Designing and maintaining databases and documenting the procedures involved in the making of applications.

  • Ensuring proper communication and coordination between the project manager and his staff.

  • Communicating with the clients using verbal or written means.

  • Staying well-informed about ongoing trends and changes in web development.

  • Ensuring that the process of application development is efficient and effective.

WHAT ARE THE SKILLS REQUIRED to be a Laravel Developer?

  • A degree in Computer Science, Engineering, MIS or such other degrees.

  • Thorough knowledge of Core PHP, Advanced PHP and Laravel PHP Framework and knowledge of HTML.

  • Experience in the use of SQL schema design, REST API design, SOLID principles, and Software testing such as PHPSpec, PHPUnit and so on.

  • Previous work experience of at least three years as a Laravel or PHP developer is also often required.

  • Efficiency and creativity in handling projects.


Laravel has gained immense popularity over the years due to its varied number of uses and benefits. Laravel developers are highly skilled and experienced professionals. A Laravel developer is responsible for routing, blade templates, eloquent models, middleware, and several other things. He or she has more than just the basic knowledge of the framework and is well-informed about services like artisan console, cache, package development, billing, hashing, and elixir among many others. He or she is well aware of the latest web developments and developmental standards. A Laravel developer is capable of customizing and developing modern websites by using syntax and codes, global databases and so on. He or she is efficient in making optimal use of minimal resources to ensure maximum performance capacity of the product. A Laravel developer will ensure product quality and bring out the best web application by following recent standards of application development.

Why should you hire a Laravel Developer?

  • They know a wide range of techniques that help them to make prototype designs for a product very rapidly.

  • They reduce the cost of the project as one is enough.

  • They are responsible for modifications, fixes for bugs and responses to customer requests.

  • They reduce the time for team communication and assist their members. 

  • They can switch from the front-end to back-end as per the requirement.

  • They can clearly acknowledge the new and upcoming technological aspect(s). 

With so many advantages of hiring a full-stack developer, there are some drawbacks too. They are a jack of all trades, but they won’t be specialized in any one of them. Additionally, if they leave the company, there is a high risk of losing two developers at a time.

Why Hire Laravel Developers from India?

Laravel is now the most expressive frameworks because of its code foundation. It works wonders even for large applications and is highly in use because of its high functionality. India is home to some of the best Laravel developers. They are well-equipped and have multiple skills. These include +HTML5, + CSS3, Bootstrap, Material Design UI, Pre-processors like SASS, SCSS and LESS, JavaScript like jQuery, jQuery UI, Plain PHP, Codelgniter , Laravel, among many others. Indian Laravel developers can work in the time zone of the US and are available 24/7. They are highly dedicated and the services they provide are always top-notch.

Laravel Developers in India offer high-end services like Web Designing, Web Development and Mobile App Development. 

Web Design includes web graphic design, authoring, user experience design, interface design, search engine optimization.

Web Development involves the development of a website. It includes the development of a single page as well as development of web-based internet applications and also social networking services. 

Mobile App Development involves front end, back end or full stack development of mobile applications, database and server related work and systems engineering.

The fast paced design industry with its evolving software packages and new design tools calls for highly talented professionals in the field. Web development has witnessed several changes over the years and there seems to be a constant challenge in improving the web and upgrading it. Mobile app development is also fast changing due to the increasing use of smart phones for various purposes. New and innovative solutions are required to keep up with the development. The need for creating a new user experience has increased and fulfilling this need requires talent and creativity. All of this is fulfilled efficiently by Indian Laravel Developers.

The overall process to hire a laravel developer usually takes 1-2 weeks from the time you convey the requirements.


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— Jason (ErgoMotion)

The Process to Hire a Resource is Quite Simple:

  • Submit a job description including experience, qualifications, skill set, project details, etc.
  • Our HR department finds candidates; matches and screens them.
  • Based on the screening process, a consolidated candidate list is submitted to the client. And You select candidates from that list to interview.
  • Once you are done with the interviews, you select the candidate you find fit for the position.
  • Depending on the position, our screening and hiring process spans across 1-2 weeks post receiving the requirement from the clients.

Normal business work hours are eight hours a day, from Monday to Friday, throughout the month. This does not include any time taken for breaks or for meals.

Yes. You can hire a part time employee.

We understand that with employees there can be a performance issue and we are always open to discuss and find a solution mutually. Typically, if the performance of a resource is not satisfactory then we endeavor to find a replacement for you. In another situation where a hired resources has delivered a decent performance but has been unable to scale it up, then we will charge you for the number of days the resource has worked and, will refund the remaining amount. We would request you inform of any such dissatisfaction within the span of a week so that we can take appropriate steps. In situations where you have not expressed your dissatisfaction and the resource has delivered considerable amount of work, we will not be responsible. Herein, you are requested to mail us an appropriate notice clearly mentioning the termination of our services.

Yes. If you want to hire an employee, GlobalEmployees requires receipt for the first month’s invoice before the employee actually starts working.

No. There are no hidden charges. The price quoted with each submitted resume is the full and complete cost for the entire service. The only exception is if your employee requires software or hardware that we do not provide and is costly to acquire.

Yes. We can discuss the terms once you submit the requirement.

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