Outsourcing for SMB's


Gone are those when a small or medium sized company would think twice before outsourcing their work owing to the fear of a higher investment and losing control over their core competency. With the global market giving a resounding victory to the outsourcing strategy across different organization sizes, the benefits of outsourcing no longer remains prerogative of the market leaders. Typically in the world of the SMBs where every small investment revolves around the factor of ‘cost efficiency’, outsourcing offers a viable option to rationalize resources and infrastructure. In any business set-up, there are few functions that can only be performed by a domain specialist thereby creating a requirement for an investment. A small organization does not have the luxury to hire a large number of domain specialists thereby resorting to the only solution of outsourcing it at the fraction of a real time hiring.

Furthermore outsourcing support processes and certain vital functions leaves the SMBs with the time to focus on their market strategy and innovation. Outsourcing offers a process maturity for the SMBs with experts managing the developmental processes. With outsourcing, the SMBs have the advantage of accessing updated software and knowledge resources which for a long time remained as an advantage with the market players. For example: Take the case SaaS (Software as a Service) which is a mechanism or a service delivery model by which smaller companies can avail shared services over internet. This mechanism empowers the SMBs to avail capabilities on a pay per use basis. Drawing a similar analogy for the outsourcing model, many of the outsourced services are provided on the similar lines of the SaaS model wherein the SMBs only pay for certain temporary or project specific services availed.

The market is evolving and so is its paraphernalia, thereby giving the SMBs an opportunity to explore smarter options.