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With the boom in internet marketing, virtual presence in the form of websites and blogs are the most important aspects of business strategy. A website is put together with the help of technical resources such as a website designer, developers, HTML designer etc. The right blend of design and user interface is an important aspect of website development. At the same time the content or text visible on the website is also a matter of concern. The content on the website has to be unique and interesting. Although a lot is said about the relevance of good content, but most often it is last on the priority list. For unique and good content, it is important to hire content writers who possess the natural flair for writing with good years of experience.

Writing for the web in particular for website and digital marketing exercises is very different from publication. The writing has to be simple yet interesting enough to catch the attention of the target audience. In order to hire content writers with requisite skills and experience contact GlobalEmployees today. As an outsourcing partner, GlobalEmployees is abreast with the requirements of writing and offers a gamut of content writing services such as:

  • Mailers

  • Blogs

  • Newsletter

  • Business Documents

  • Social Media Postings

  • Website Content

  • SEO Article

  • Social Network Management

  • Press Releases

  • Product Review

Why choose GlobalEmployees?


We save you up to 70% per employee…

As a pioneering outsourcing partner we perfectly understand the importance of quality and quick delivery of work. Over time, India has earned a coveted name in the arena of outsourcing. It is the quality of deliver of work along with technology and infrastructural setup that has set India apart in the global outsourcing scenario. The writing skills and creativity exhibited by Indian writers has encouraged many western clients to outsource content writing to India.

The benefits of hiring Content Writer from GlobalEmployees may be summarized in the following points.

  • Quick delivery of work

  • Services for all forms of web & content writing

  • Quality work at a substantially low price point

  • Exceptional services and response time

In addition to the top notch deliver of work and services, partners who wish to hire content writers from us, save up to 70% cost per employees which is inclusive of the following overhead charges:

  • Office Space

  • Hardware

  • Commonly Available Software

  • Infrastructure

  • Technical Support

  • Employment Tax, Labor laws and Insurance.

How to hire a Content Writer from GlobalEmployees?


To hire good content writer’s developer, the client must first submit a detailed job description along with the candidate’s profile inclusive of qualification and years of experience etc. This process majorly involves five steps. They are:

  • The first step involves a clear understanding of the client requirement.

  • The second step involves the HR screening for suitable candidates.

  • The third step involves the submission of the list of suitable candidates.

  • The fourth step involves the selection of the candidates by the client, followed by the interview.

  • The fifth step involves decision making based on the interview process or re-processing new profiles for more candidate options.

    The overall process to hire your candidate usually takes 1-2 weeks from the time you convey the requirements.

Hire the best Content Writers with GlobalEmployees and save up to 70% per employee…