Hire Dedicated Flex Developer from India for as low as $1290 per month


Globalemployees.com is a one stop destination for potential employers to get the best talent from ace outsource destination, India. Flex is relatively a new technology embed on an all-inclusive development environment. It offers varied features which are useful to the developer as well the end user. A dedicated Flex developer is capable of building rich and attractive web apps for all flex enabled services and requirements.


Some of the sought-after benefits of Flex technology are as below

  • Owing to powerful coding tools and far-reaching visual component library, Flex can deliver excellent Record Development time.

  • The chic Flex programming model makes it scalable and reliable.

  • High-performance data synchronization engine allows easy integration into a server application between the patron and server sides.

  • Elegant in-content interactivity due to video, streaming & messaging fundamentals.

Flex Technology is applied for the development of the following solutions

  • Statistics management applications

  • CRM and ERP systems

  • Standalone custom solutions

  • Network, communication and other interactive solutions

  • Business systems

  • Video and audio messaging solutions, classical text messaging solutions


Benefits to Hire Flex Developer from India

To hire Flex Developer in India through Globalemployees.com can help you save up to 60% of the cost on per employee without having to compromise on the quality of deliver. Globalemployees.com has a host of talented, hard working resource with innate problem solving abilities in addition to handling pressure and meeting deadline. Hiring a dedicated Flex Developer from us can also help you save the following overheads:

  • Office space

  • Hardware

  • Commonly Available software

  • Infrastructure

  • Technical support

  • Employment Tax, Labour law and Insurance

How to hire Flex Developer with Globalemployees

To hire Flex developer at Globalemployees.com, it is imperative to state your requirement as well as the profile of the candidate inclusive of qualification, number of years of experience etc.

  1. Then, our HR department finds suitable Flex developer and pre-screens them.

  2. Based on the results of the pre-screening process, a list of suitable Asp .net developer is submitted to you

  3. You select candidates from that list and interview them subsequently.

  4. Once you are through with the interviews, you select the candidate you’d like to move forward with or let us know if you want more options.

How will your dedicated Flex developer deliver work from offshore location in India?

  • Your Flex developer can work parallel in accordance to the working hours as yours.

  • You posses the freedom to assign work and monitor/supervise work directly.

  • Your Flex developer will work from our office, wherein they can be monitored and supervised by a manager and HR executive. They will ensure that the developers are working efficiently and from a professional office environment.