Hire osCOMMERCE developer form India for as low as $1290 per month

“Convenience Shopping” is the in thing, persuading several business owners to venture into the arena of ecommerce. Buying and selling of products and services online is what the ecommerce trend entails. There are host of products and services that are sold and bought online. Price comparison, convenience of shopping from home and variety of products to choose from, are some of the preferences that most shoppers seek today. Online shopping gives avid shopper the flexibility and convenience, which is why virtual shopping is such as rage with no visible signs of retreating.

For an e-commerce portal to be successful it is imperative to choose the most robust online shopping cart software which offers perfect solution to meet the needs of the merchant as well as the customers. osCommerce is an online shopping cart software which is easy to download and use. Driven by the open source philosophy osCommerce started in March 2000, and as of February 2012 over 12,500 online stores are propelled by this platform. Owing to the many useful benefits of the platform there is a constant demand to hire osCommerce developers.

GlobalEmployees is one such platform that offers of osCommerce services by letting global partners hire osCommerce developers with exceptional skills and experience. Some of the osCommerce services we offer are as below:

osCommerce Maintenance

osCommerce Module Development

osCommerce Configuration & Installation

osCommerce SEO

osCommerce Design

osCommerce Upgrade & Customization

Shipping Payment Gateway & Integration

osCommerce B2B

Benefits of hiring osCOMMERCE developer from GlobalEmployees


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Hiring osCommerce developer using the services of GlobalEmployees will impart our partners with the following benefits:

Opportunity to hire osCommerce developers with proficiency in the following languages:

  • Migration to Zen Cart

  • PHP 4.x & PHP 5.x

  • AJAX, XML, Web Services

  • JavaScript libraries like jQuery , Ext JS and Prototype JS

  • MySQL 4.x & MySQL 5.x

  • Smarty, MVC framework

The prices we quote are inclusive of employee’s salary and all other non-work related requirements, which includes:

  • Commonly Available Software

  • Technical support

  • Employment Tax, Labor Law and Insurance

  • Office Space

  • Hardware

  • Infrastructure

How to hire osCOMMERCE developer with GlobalEmployees?


Follow the simple 4 stages to hire the best osCommerce developer:

  • Requirement: Place detailed requirement with our HR department in terms of total years of experience, skill sets, qualification, no. of resource required.

  • Screening: In the screening stage, our HR executives look for suitable candidates befitting the client’s requirement and screen them. At this stage potentially suitable candidates are called for round 1 interview. On request of the client a technical round with the candidate can also be arranged.

  • Review: After round 1 interview, the resumes of suitable candidates is submitted to the client for further review and interview.

  • Selection: Post review the client can either select candidate for the position or request the HR to give more options.

How will your osCOMMERCE developer deliver work from India?

The entire outsourcing process may seem a bit confusing in the beginning. For those who are not familiar with the outsourcing trend, here is a brief description on how your dedicated osCommerce will work offshore.

  • You dedicated osCommerce developers can work Parallel to your working hours, thus taking care of the time difference.

  • You possess the right to supervise/assign work as per your discretion.

  • We will ensure that the dedicated osCommerce developer works from a professional office environment.

  • There will a floor in charge or supervisor to ensure that your dedicated osCommerce developer is working in accordance to your guidance.

To pass on any instruction related to work or otherwise, clients may interact with their employees via Email, Instant Messaging, Skype, Video Conferencing, etc.

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