Things to Know About Employing a PHP Developer


So you are looking to hire a PHP programmer in India? Great, yet take heed because it may be one of your most critical hires. In this article, we will go through the steps which outline everything needed to know to locate the top PHP developer for your company.

Know the Developers’ Level of Expertise and Experience

No matter whom you employ, they always should possess a detailed understanding of both HTML and PHP. You will want to browse through a developer’s portfolio and attempt to measure an understanding of all of their problem-solving methods. Browsing their past work is very useful in determining what a developer’s weaknesses and strengths are. Asses their know-how of different frameworks such as Codelgniter (excellent for developing superior aesthetics); CakePHP, particularly if you’re working with an app requiring compatibility with PHP4, as well as ATK4; or Agavi—used to develop large-scale applications.

Employ Somebody Who Comprehends Your Business’s Culture

A worker who “gets” your company culture includes a worker who’ll flourish inside your business. Look at it this way: Developers who’ve only worked in startups may not be a good match for a bigger institution, and vice-versa. Somebody may have an excellent background on paper, yet still not be an excellent personality for what’s needed in the office.

As you interview a possible hire, you must search for somebody passionate about your philosophy of business.

Search For Adaptability

You never can underestimate the importance of a developer with adaptability. The tech world is always evolving, and even within two years, specific skill sets may become obsolete.

What you desire from a developer is long-range curiosity, as well as a passion for fresh technologies. Ask the interviewee what websites they go to study new tricks and tips. What was the last skill or language they studied, and how far back was it? What conferences have they attended, and which communities are they a part of? You need a developer who blends an adoration of learning with her or his passion for developing—basically somebody who always is looking ahead.

Ask the Proper Questions

Within the process of interviewing, do yourself a favor: do not waste time with trivia! Rather, you should Re-purpose a problem from an existing project you have, and check how the possible hire goes about resolving it.

When observing, note which tools they use, were the tools similar to what you utilized, or were they worse/better? Ask these questions about this process: did you think you could communicate with one another well? Were the answers dynamic and creative? Did you receive what you needed and if the answer is no, why not? How far from what you desired was the result? By asking those particular questions it’s possible to understand better—and articulate—what’s needed as you hire a PHP programmer in India, which will result in employing the best individual for the project.