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Interview with the director of SBTech. Translation

Interview with the director of SBTech. Translation

Interview with the director of SBTech, one of the leaders in the field of betting software. Translation A journalist from Gambling Insider spoke with the CEO of one of the largest bookmaker software companies, SBTech. Richard Carter answered questions about US sports betting regulation and compared it to the UK market.demo treasure of aztec Read the translation of the interview below. How receptive do you think politicians and regulators are to results? Can we expect some initial resistance, even if it looks like the tax rate, for example, is not working? Obviously, politics is a very complex process. But from my short experience of interacting with all parties in the United States, there is a desire to work together %s... This is definitely what I have found across all the states I have visited so far. Regulators are strict and right about this, but they listen and work together. We are all in this together. How do we protect people and the market, but at the same time, how do we maximize the opportunity to make sure casinos in, say, Mississippi are performing at their maximum? Is it fair to say that regulators like the ones in New Jersey are much more supportive of the industry compared to the UK Gambling Commission? I think they have a completely different mindset than the UK. Remember, Britain is 12 years ahead of New Jersey, for example. If you go back 12 years, the situation was relatively similar in the UK. The difference in New Jersey is that you have an existing land based casino business that is having a tough time. They tried to breathe new life into the casino industry in this state %s... On this topic Interview with Nolimit City: the path from obscurity to popularity Therefore, they actively pursued this opportunity to help create jobs and raise money. This is what lawmakers and politicians have said: we need more jobs and higher tax revenue that sponsors hospitals, schools and other facilities. This was their motivation

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