Hire WordPress Developer for as low as $990 per Month

For business optimization and marketing, blogging is emerging as a major tool facilitating search engine visibility. Corporate houses both big and small opt to have dedicated pages on blogging portals such as WordPress which accords them the much needed virtual presence. With global onslaught of online marketing, open source platforms such as WordPress, allows entrepreneurs to publish information and services pertaining to their businesses with ease and flexibility.

 WordPress is being regarded as the best CMS for small business websites as well as for the blogs. In just one year 14.7% of the top 1 billion website are propelled by WordPress as oppose to last year’s figure which stood at 8.5 %. Owing to the enormous potential of presenting web content on WordPress there is a growing demand to hire a WordPress developers who are experts in creating customized web content with engaging and aesthetic UI.


What can a WordPress developer do?

The customization feature of WordPress allows the developer to experiment and develop a framework as per the need and requirement of the client. For endorsement, brand positioning, importing traffic and spam protection WordPress is an adept marketing tool. Equipped with user friendly interface, it is a cost effective solution for internet marketing and generating brand awareness.

Benefits of Hiring WordPress Developer from India


Small and medium sized enterprises have high aspiration but are often faced with infrastructural constraints. To generate modest profit, it is significant to first create a market presence by leveraging skill sets that match the business goals.

We at GlobalEmployees can help you hire a WordPress developers from India who are proficient in their work and possess the ability to understand your need and deliver work accordingly. We will ensure that the dedicated WordPress developers hired fits your budget and also meets your requirement and expectations.

With no hidden charges, you can save average cost up to 70% per employee. The prices we quote are inclusive of employee’s salary and all other non work related requirements which includes:

How to hire WordPress developer with GlobalEmployees?


To hire WordPress developer at GlobalEmployees, it is imperative to state your requirement as well as the profile of the candidate inclusive of qualification, number of years of experience etc.

Then, our HR department finds suitable WordPress developers and screens them.

Based on the results of the screening process, a list of suitable WordPress developers is submitted to you

You select candidates from that list and interview them subsequently.

Once you are through with the interviews, you select the candidate you’d like to move forward with or let us know if you want more options.

How will a WordPress developer deliver work from Offshore location in India?

Hiring a PHP Developer to work remotely can seem confusing at first. But the experienced staff at GlobalEmployees is here to help. 

Your Remote PHP Developer can work in parallel during the same office hours as yours.

You assign work to your Remote PHP Developer and monitor/supervise their work.

Your Remote PHP Developer works only for you and as a result, remains dedicated to your work.

Your Remote PHP Developer works from our office, where they are monitored and supervised by a manager and HR executives to ensure they are working efficiently and from a professional office environment.

Hire the best developers with GlobalEmployees and save up to 70% per employee…